About Us

"An Architect & Landscaper with promising ability and performance. Five - Years of quality experience in Architectural Designing and Landscaping of various Residential and Commercial projects."

Nivedita .R. Singh

We attribute the success of our practice to the values that we believe in and not just to our architectural style.

Our service has been installed and proved efficient in such fields as Planning, Designing and Renovation of Industrial and Civic works.

Plan your site - problem elimination or technical requirements with GRAPNEL to be sure that today's decisions will be tomorrows success story.

Whatever your requirements, simply contact  GRAPNEL to get the full story of ideas, solutions and performance in pace with today';s technology.


Whatever your need, from temporary help in your single problem to the Planning, Designing and Construction Management of complete new site, we have the expertise and experience to assist you.

The assignments may be assistance in Material handling, Construction problems, Site management, Works execution, Feasibility studies, up to Planning and Design of new site.

We are strictly neutral and are not representative of any manufacturers. Your contributions attract warranty of our prompt, economical and dependent technical consultancy services.